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Add Elegance To Your Brecksville Countertops
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When you decide to replace the countertops in your Brecksville bathroom or kitchen, there are more options than the countertop material. Your countertops’ edge profile may seem like a small detail, but it can make or break the aesthetic of your bathroom or kitchen.

But with so many edge profiles, how do you choose the right one?

You’ll never have to worry about feeling overwhelmed with Element Design Build Remodel by your side. As a full-service design-build firm, we’ll help you design the perfect countertops and guide you through the process with as little headache as possible.

Let’s consider what you should consider when selecting the right edge profile for your countertops.

What Is A Countertop Edge Profile?

Simply put, a countertop edge profile is the design on the edge of your countertops. It adds flair or a finishing touch, one that you’ll see every day after you remodel, so it’s important to choose your edge profile with care.

The styles range from contemporary to classic, so you’ll find the perfect edge profile to fit your new kitchen’s style.

What Types Of Countertop Edge Profiles Are There?

Just like there are many kitchen styles, there are also many types of edge profiles. Some popular style categories are:

  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Transitional
  • Architectural

No matter your style, our talented design team at Element Design Build Remodel is here to help you craft the perfect countertop remodel.

Modern Edge Profile Styles

Modern styles are usually sleek and minimalistic, which makes them suitable for kitchens with a modern, industrial aesthetic. However, many of them have a timeless appearance that makes them suitable for kitchens of any aesthetic.

Some of the popular modern edge profile styles include:

  • Ledge Edge (Reverse Bevel or Plater)
  • Double-Treeline Edge (Double Bevel)
  • Seacliff Edge (Eased Edge)
  • Treeline Edge (Bevel)
  • Ridgeline Edge

Classic Edge Profile Styles

Opt for a classic countertop edge profile for a more ornate look that will complement your traditional or Old World kitchen style. The classic edges aren’t designed to be subtle, and they deliver a pop of style and elegance to your kitchen countertops.

Some common classic countertop edge profile styles are:

  • Bryn Edge (Reverse Waterfall)
  • Boulder Edge (Waterfall)
  • Cascade Edge
  • Cornice Edge
  • Mesa Edge

Transitional Edge Profile Styles

Transitional countertop edge profiles are perfect for anyone who wants something more than the basic modern look but not quite as ornate as the classic styles. Transitional edges blend nicely with most kitchen aesthetics.

  • Piedmont Edge (½ Bullnose, Demi Bullnose, or ¼ Round)
  • Glacial Edge (Saskatoon Ogee/Short Ogee)
  • Volcanic Edge (Bullnose or Full Bullnose)
  • Summit Edge (¼ Round Double)
  • Basin Edge

Architectural Edge Profile Styles

When you want your kitchen countertops to have a unique, contemporary appearance, look no further than one of the popular architectural styles. These dramatic edge profiles lend a stunning appearance to sleek, modern, or industrial kitchens.

  • Moraine Edge (Chiseled)
  • Rimrock Edge (Mitered)
  • Shale Edge
  • Idris Edge

What To Consider When Choosing A
Countertop Edge Profile

Putting thought and care into selecting your countertops’ edge profile is key to being fully satisfied with your new countertops. There are a few crucial considerations when choosing your edge profile.

The first is your style. An ornate classic edge profile might clash if your kitchen’s aesthetic is sleek and modern. Likewise, a dramatic contemporary edge profile may feel out of place if you have a traditional farmhouse kitchen.

Another consideration is your lifestyle. Sharp, minimalist countertops may not be ideal if you have young children. If you want your countertops to be easy to clean, then cleaning the ornate curves of your countertops’ classic edge profile may be frustrating.

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At Element Design Build Remodel, we specialize in gorgeous countertops. Whether you want quartz, marble, granite, soapstone, or another material, we deliver high-quality countertops installed correctly and efficiently. We never cut corners and are precise – down to the last detail.

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