A house can never have too much storage. With more storage comes less clutter.

Mudrooms are traditionally an entryway where people remove wet coats and muddy boots before entering the main part of the home. 

Adding a mudroom benefits everyone, from those living in the home to potential buyers. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal and value, but also long-term savings due to increased organization and storage options. Additionally, this can help protect investments made throughout your renovated or remodeled areas of your home by confining messes that could have expanded into other parts of the house collectively saving time and money in the future!

Uses for a Custom Mudroom

Wintertime is when a mudroom really comes in handy because it provides a space for family members to shed their winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves and muddy boats before coming completely indoors. Not only is it a convenient place to store all this outerwear, but it also prevents wet or muddy boot prints from being tracked all over your house.

Customized mudroom storage solutions also make an ideal catchall for items you take with you daily because you can easily grab them on your way out the door. Creating a storage area for umbrellas, gym bags, pet accessories, sports equipment or anything else you frequently need helps prevent wasted time searching the entire house when you’re in a hurry to leave.

Features to Keep Entryway Mudrooms Clutter-Free

Because mudrooms are an entryway, no one wants to see a cluttered mess when they walk through the door. This is where custom storage solutions come into play. A well-planned mudroom storage unit provides a custom entryway utilizing a variety of organization systems. Installing the right combination of shelves, cabinets, hooks and cubbies effectively organizes mudroom items in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Some important mudroom storage solutions include: 

  • Seating is a must-have feature to put on and take off shoes. A mudroom bench is ideal for this purpose, especially one that conceals additional storage in a flip-up seat. Alternately, a built-in drawer underneath transforms it into a dual-purpose storage bench. 
  • Cabinetry options are limitless, especially if you opt for custom cabinets built to perfectly match your available space. Choose from classic to contemporary mudroom cabinets, such as simple Shaker, detailed beadboard with crown molding, rustic farmhouse or shabby chic with crystal knobs. 
  • Mudroom lockers particularly appeal to kids and are ideal for tall areas with limited width. They’re terrific for backpacks, bookbags and/or athletic equipment. Paint your kids’ mudroom lockers their favorite colors, or use chalkboard paint they can draw on over and over. 
  • Cubbies are fun, especially for younger children, and make great catchalls for all kinds of clutter. They’re easy to use and can be created in any size, making them ideal for small spaces. 
  • Hooks are super-accessible and require minimal effort. These work well for kids and other family members who won’t take the time to put their coats on hangers inside a closet and provide hanging space for coats, jackets, bags and other hangable items. 
  • Shelving provides additional storage to keep larger items out of the way but not completely out of reach. Use shelves for things that won’t hang or to create a bin or basket storage system if you don’t want to install cubbies. 

Double-Duty Mudroom/Laundry Room Designs

A mudroom/laundry room combo is a logical pairing by allowing gym clothes, sports uniforms and workwear to go directly into the washing machine or laundry hamper. A laundry sink also does double duty by providing somewhere to rinse off muddy boots and shoes. Ensure both parts of the room flow together by choosing a durable laundry area countertop that complements the cabinetry used in both areas. Improve storage in the laundry area with shelving above the washer and dryer for laundry products, simple tension rods for clothes hanging space, broom and mop rails and pull-out laundry hampers.

Schedule a Time to Work with the Mudroom Storage Experts

An inviting yet functional mudroom design effectively combines practical features with aesthetically pleasing attributes.

It can be difficult to create an ideal combo without expert assistance. That’s where Element Design Build Remodel can help. We create mudroom designs that reflect your personal style while incorporating your organizational vision.

Our pros know the types of mudroom design elements Cleveland residents love and get more use and enjoyment out of their homes.

Our Ohio mudroom/storage room contractor team will evaluate your space and current activities or needs that aren’t being served with a fully functioning space of their own. Then we’ll share our mudroom remodeling ideas and can design the best solutions so you have options to choose from. Of course, if you’re already settled on an idea and armed with inspiration, we can make your mudroom/storage room vision come to life and transform your home in no time.

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