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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The
Best Countertops In Summit County

Your countertops can be as unique as you and your kitchen. You might need some advice in choosing and installing the best countertops for your Richfield, OH home so you can find exactly the right kind of materials to best fit your lifestyle.

At Element Design Build Remodel, we offer outstanding knowledge in countertops. This guide to countertops will help you decide which material is best for you.

Natural Stone Makes For Great Countertop Design

There is a certain beauty to natural stone. We’ll start by discussing a few options you’ll have for countertops that are made of natural materials.


Marble countertops are very popular for their unique appearance and natural look. If you are a baker or frequently cook at home, you’ll like marble for its heat-resistant ability. You won’t have to worry about putting a hot pad out when pulling a pan out of the oven, as marble is heat-safe. Marble stands the rest of time, too – it’s a very durable stone.

The downside to marble? It does need regular cleaning and maintenance. Marble is also vulnerable to scratches.


Quartzite combines outstanding durability with gorgeous looks. We’ve found quartzite to be a favorite among homeowners because it handles heat well, is low maintenance, is available in many colors, and is highly resistant to chipping. The only downside we truly see to quartzite is that the stone is porous, so you’ll want to wipe up spills right away.


Granite countertops are similar to marble countertops. They offer many of the same positives, including heat resistance and long-term durability. Given granite countertops are made of natural stone, you should also expect that the countertop will have a truly unique look.

Like marble, granite needs sealing to maintain a level of water resistance. While getting water on your granite or marble countertops isn’t bad, water and moisture can lead to problems of bacterial growth and stains that are very difficult to remove because they are set in.

Granite tends to be lower priced than marble – which is great.


Our natural stone lineup includes soapstone. Soapstone has many similarities to granite and marble in the stone’s natural durability and heat resistance. You’ll also find that soapstone is nonporous and does not require frequent resealing to prevent swelling or bacteria growth.

A downside to soapstone is that, as a natural stone, it is primarily available in neutral colors, with shades of black, blue, and gray most prominent. With that said, soapstone looks terrific in a kitchen with a neutral or natural color design.

Manufactured Countertops Provide Outstanding Materials

We are big fans of manufactured countertops like Cambria quartz. We have several reasons for this. First, Cambria quartz offers low-maintenance ownership. You don’t have to immediately jump up and towel off any orange juice spills as it is nonporous.

The manufactured properties of Cambria quartz are part of what makes it very appealing. These countertops are made of mostly crushed quartz and a smaller amount of resin. The addition of manufactured parts allows you to have more control over the design and color of the countertop. You also have the option to make Cambria quartz countertops look like stone.

Families also love quartz countertops as they are very tough and durable. While they aren’t heat resistant like other stones, they last a very long time under the stresses that most families will put them under.

Solid Surfaces Offer Exceptional Countertop Value

Not every homeowner chooses quartz or natural stone. Solid surface countertops often include acrylic and resin. The best parts of these countertops are their value and lower maintenance requirements. While you’ll want to clean up spills, you won’t need to buy a bottle of sealer to keep these countertops safe.

Acrylic countertops also offer a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.

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