High-Quality Home Remodeling Employees In NE Ohio | Element

Our Employees Ensure Your Quality Experience

At Element, We Use A Team Of Trusted
Employees, NOT Subcontractors

At Element Design & Build, we use full-time employees who are thoroughly vetted. We’re talking background checks, drug tests… the whole nine yards.

Full time employees help us provide clients with a timely renovation. We are the ones managing the timelines as we do not compete for time with other contractors.

There Are No Shortcuts To Success… Our
Employees Never Cut Corners

We slow down so that we can speed up.

In other words, we take our time during your installation – we’re never in a hurry. As a result, we save you time and money by preventing mistakes from happening in the first place.

Our employees aren’t paid “per project,” so they can freely focus on the quality of your remodel.

Since we take our time and do things the RIGHT way the first time, we finish your bath remodel or kitchen remodel with pristine results. You don’t have to fear finding issues after installation.

Full-Time Employees Ensure The ENTIRE
Team Is On The Same Page

Imagine a scenario where the company owner, your project manager, and the builder all had a different idea of what should be done during your remodel.

Ultimately, it turns out like a game of telephone. The homeowner passes their plans on to the company owner. The company owner then tells the project manager. And the project manager then tells the building crew.

By the end of the line, you’re left with something much different than what YOU wanted.

We prevent this from happening by having an interconnected team of design & build pros. We communicate with each other – directly. We make sure we’re all on the same page, so you get EXACTLY what you want with your home remodel.

Our Team Shows You Respect At All Times

At Element Design & Build, we treat you the way we want to be treated, and all of our employees are screened for their professionalism.

We make sure that we can trust our workers 100%. As a result, you can trust our workers, too.

We don’t curse. We don’t play loud music. And we show your home and everyone inside your home respect.

Are you searching for a design & build firm in NE Ohio that uses real employees you can trust? If so, look no further. Contact Element Design & Build today to schedule an initial consultation.