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As a homeowner, one of the best parts of having your own home is being able to remodel it to your liking, especially if some rooms, like your kitchen and bathroom, don’t fit your needs anymore. Remodeling the kitchen and bathroom in your Brecksville, OH home can refresh your space.

We are the remodeling experts at Element Design Build Remodel. We love working with Cuyahoga County homeowners on their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects and helping them achieve their dreams.

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We Offer The Following Kitchen And Bathroom
Remodeling Services To Brecksville Homes


A blue cabinet installed in a home



Custom cabinets truly set your home apart from the rest and can make using your kitchen much easier, all while getting just the right look. We make cabinets and also partner with national brands to get you an outstanding selection of the right storage cabinets for your home.

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A mostly white kitchen with newly installed countertops



Countertops come in many varieties. We’ll have fun discussing options that will suit your family for years to come. You should see our array of marble and stone countertops – you’ll be impressed, and your kitchen will look great. We offer an extensive line of Cambria quartz countertops that will make your kitchen shine.

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A white kitchen with recently installed countertops and cabinets



Our remodeling services can help you change your house to be just the way you’d like. Want a more open floor plan? We’ll find a way to make it happen. Walk us through your home and how you’d like to use it, and we’ll be happy to make your dreams work.


A home addition with a room and seating area


Home Additions

Home additions are perfect for adding some square footage to your home without compromising much. Some homeowners also make home additions to prevent having to move to a larger house.


A room with recently installed flooring



Your home’s flooring will get lots of use! Whether you want to make your flooring consistent across all parts of your house or want to add a little variety, we’ll help you select just the perfect floor style and material for you. We love talking about floors!

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A room with recently installed flooring


Interior Design

We love making homes look their best. We have experienced interior designers who follow trends and also help make your home look up-to-date and modern – if that’s how you like it! You’ll thoroughly enjoy working with our design teams!


A home with installed custom designs

Custom Built

One of the best parts of doing kitchen and bathroom remodeling is being able to pick your own designs. Custom builds take that seriously and include custom cabinets that are built the way you like. Our representatives will walk you through what is possible!


A home with new countertops and cabinets


The Element Design Build Remodel Process

Get A Beautiful Kitchen And Bathroom
With Terrific Customer Service


#1: Custom Projects

Our projects are seriously custom in the sense that no one is going to have a kitchen or bathroom quite like yours. You’ll have the opportunity to try some custom cabinets or flooring or whichever materials suit your home and family the best.

#2: Design And Build

We offer design and build teams. This means that we have both the ability to help you decide on what design to remodel your home with and have a team come in and do the work. All of this can be done without requiring you to communicate between multiple teams because, well, that’s our job!

Work with a design and build team like ours, and you’ll definitely notice the difference.

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#3: Quality Craftsmanship

One thing that sets us apart from the average remodeler is that we have a serious focus on details and craftsmanship. We have been working in the industry for a long time and know what details matter to homeowners. We also ask you what matters to you!

#4: Showroom

We have a real showroom! This helps us visit clients in a setting where they can easily see examples of our work in action. It also helps when you don’t want us to come to your place quite yet!

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Element Design Build Remodel Reviews

We Have Many Satisfied Customers

“We recently hired Element Design Build Remodel to completely remodel a full bathroom, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The team was responsive and professional from the start. The lead designer, Ashley, took the time to understand our vision for the project and helped us choose the perfect materials and finishes. Sam and his construction team were always efficient, courteous, and respectful of our home. We were very pleased with their daily communications and progress updates once the project started, and Sam always promptly resolved any concerns. We are now considering them for a kitchen remodel and would recommend them to anyone looking to complete a similar project!”

“These guys are incredible. I’ve never seen a crew that worked so diligently and professionally before. I’ve had my kitchen remodeled three times, and they did the best job (by a landslide). I would hire them again in a heartbeat.”

“The team at Element Design Build Remodel did a fantastic job renovating our original early 80s kitchen and flooring. Great workmanship. I would highly recommend them for your kitchen remodeling needs.”



4 Questions Brecksville, OH Homeowners Ask
About Element Design Build Remodel


A: You have options, including custom cabinets and cabinets from national brands.. You’ll get to make a lot of choices, including the finish, style, and size of your cabinets. Choosing which cabinets to put in your home takes a bit of thought and is also lots of fun.

A: Yes! Whether you choose to have your consultation at our showroom or in your home, we’ll talk about you and your family to get to know what you like. We would love to come visit your home to evaluate how your space is currently set up, too!

A:Of course! A beautiful and durable floor adds so much to your home! We offer flooring consultations and installation, which are often done with the remodeling of your kitchen or bathroom.

A:Home additions are certainly a part of remodeling. We’ll help you decide where to put your desired home addition and ensure that we make it just the way you want. Home additions are much easier than moving to get more space!