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Basements come with endless possibilities when you’re looking to remodel the space.

Element Design Build Remodel is a full-service basement remodeling company. We can do everything from basement refinishing to complete basement redesigns, so you can get the exact look and feel you want in your home. Our team of experienced professionals are here to help make your vision a reality, so call us today for a free consultation! You won’t be disappointed.

Cleveland’s #1 Basement Remodel Contractor

One of the most important features in any home is its basement. Not only does it provide space for storage and laundry, but if you have enough courage to go down there then maybe your unfinished room will become one-of-a kind!

Element Design Build Remodel is the Greater Cleveland’s #1 basement renovation contractors. We specialize in turning unused square footage into one home’s strongest assets – all by giving you that final push needed before selling or buying.

With over years experience and countless positive reviews, as Cleveland’s #1 contractors we will offer expert advice, unleash goals budget constraints and give the basement of your dreams.

Basement Finishing vs. Basement Renovation vs. Basement Remodel

The words “renovate,” “remodel” and “finishing” are often used interchangeably when it comes to real estate, contracting, and interior design. However, these terms entail very different things for professionals working in one or more of these industries.

Basement Remodel in Cleveland

Remodel means to make major structural changes. When you remodel your basement, it’s all about transforming the space into something completely new and different from what was there before!

Basement Renovation in Cleveland

A renovation could mean anything from repainting and refacing cabinets to installing new light fixtures to adding other finishes and fixtures. Think of a basement renovations as to make a new lacking or supporting elements of your existing basement.

Basement Finishing in Cleveland

Refinishing involves putting the finishing touches on the existing space, without changing its form or function. Refinishing can include hanging drywall, painting, closing in ductwork, adding pipes and wires, installing new flooring, placing electrical outlets, and installing lighting.

A Second Living Space

We have years of experience maximizing the space in a home and the basement is one of the rooms that can give you the area that you need. Our experience in reconfiguring extra space includes installing full kitchens and apartment-style areas. Whatever you’re imagining your space to be, we have what it takes to bring you a functional space that your home needs.

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Our pros know the types of basement finishing Cleveland residents love and get more use and enjoyment out of their homes. We offer complete in-house basement designs which can include bars, offices, theater rooms, gyms, plus complete kitchens or bathrooms.

Our Cleveland home remodeling contractors can also help you brainstorm uses for your basement if you’re unsure, by evaluating your living area and current activities or needs that aren’t being served with a fully functioning space of their own. Then we’ll share basement remodel design ideas that offer the best solutions so you have options to choose from. Of course, if you’re already settled on an idea and armed with inspiration, we can make your basement vision come to life and transform your home in no time.

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