Element Design Build Remodel Kitchen Renovation Project near Cleveland

Element Design Build Remodel, formerly Northeast Ohio Home Renovations, opened for business in April of 2014.

Element Design Build Remodel started as a small home remodel business; we expanded and opened our 4000 sq. ft. showroom in June 2018.

Our team has years of experience perfecting kitchen, bathroom, basement and mudroom remodels, and drive to complete projects within your budget, schedule, and standards.

We take pride in our work and want to bring you the best home remodeling experience possible.

Vlatko Demrovski

Owner / General Manager

  • Business owner.
  • Vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of home renovation.
  • Originally from Europe.
  • He lives in Hudson, OH, with his wife and five kids.

In 2013, Vlada embarked on a life-changing journey to the United States. His pursuit of the American dream began in earnest in 2014 when he established his own business as a Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeler. With dedication and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, Vlada quickly made a name for himself in the remodeling industry.

The year 2019 marked a significant milestone in Vlada’s entrepreneurial journey. He realized his vision of creating a beautiful showroom, a one-stop shop where clients could transform their remodeling dreams into reality. This showroom became a hub of inspiration, showcasing a wide array of options for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, making the decision-making process both convenient and exciting for clients.

Fast forward to 2023, and Vlada’s story has evolved further. In addition to his thriving business, he’s now the proud father of five wonderful children. Vlada’s journey from an immigrant pursuing his dreams to a successful business owner and a loving father is a testament to his hard work, determination, and the opportunities that the United States has offered him. His story continues to inspire those around him, reminding us all that with vision and persistence, dreams can become reality.

“I enjoy being able to ensure our clients have a full-service managed approach to their renovation. I also am grateful to be able to balance my career and having a family. We like to extend the balanced work approach to our team.”

Bethany Demrovski

Co-Owner / Business Manager

  • Originally from Medina, OH.
  • She earned an accounting degree & MBA in finance at the University of Akron.
  • She lives in Hudson, OH, with her husband and five kids.
  • Loves hiking, caring for animals & the outdoors.
“My favorite part about being a designer is not only creating my clients dream space, but creating a space that envokes memories & feelings personalized to them. I love creating spaces that cater to each individual personality!”

Ashley Gorze

Lead Interior Designer

  • She received a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design with an ancillary emphasis in architecture from Miami University.
  • Loves attending design seminars to keep up on trends & learn about luxury craftsmanship.
  • Has worked at both architecture and interior design firms
  • Lives in Hudson, OH

“My favorite part about design is seeing the project come to fruition!”

Kara Crawford

Design Intern

  • Attending Kent State University to receive a degree in interior design
  • Loves hiking & nature
  • Lives in Toledo, OH

“I love being able to ensure a stress free process & provide exceptional customer care to our clients!”

Angyl Anderson

Administration Representative

  • Coming from Montana
  • Likes to help customers

“I love seeing a smile on a customer’s face; it makes our day go by faster. Once a job is completed, I’m able to sleep better and truly enjoy my work.””

Samuel Strainic

Project Manager

  • Lives in Akron OH
  • Loves hosting people and finds joy in turning customers’ dreams into reality.
  • Likes joking around.