A Richfield, OH home with recently installed countertops from Element Design Build Remodel

Want Some Great Ideas For Making The Best
Of Kitchen Countertops In Richfield, OH?

New Countertops During A Remodel
Can Spark New Layouts

Getting countertops installed in your kitchen can be an exciting time for homeowners. But what are some ideas you can use to make new countertops in your Richfield, OH home more effective?

At Element Design Build Remodel, we are glad to help you out with that! We’ll walk you through some options you have for remodeling your kitchen with new countertops.

Get Marble, Quartz, Or Granite Countertops
For Look And The Best Durability

Stone countertops like marble, quartz, and granite are in right now, and we couldn’t agree more! We love the look of all three countertop types, and there are a few things you should know when deciding which one to choose for your home remodel.

Let’s discuss one of the big reasons why people love natural stone countertops: Beauty.

Marble, quartz, and granite are unique and beautiful in their own ways. Perhaps most unique of all, we have marble, which can be completely one-of-a-kind in pattern. Quartz and granite offer some more customization when it comes to colors and patterns, with quartz allowing us to add patterned resin colors to make it truly yours.

We’ll also add that stone countertops show the best under warmer lighting. While changing the color of your lightbulbs is easy, you should also potentially consider changing the colors of your light fixtures too. These countertops glow beautifully under the right light.

There are some small maintenance differences. For example, quartz is nonporous, so liquid doesn’t get through. This means you have less maintenance and no need to rush to clean up spills. Marble and granite are porous and do let liquid through, so you’ll want to take care of spills right away to avoid future stains.

We’ll also show you how maintenance is done.

Wood Countertops Offer A Beautiful Look

While we think that stone countertops look gorgeous, never underestimate wood’s ability to bring that warm, fuzzy feeling to your kitchen. Your dream countertops might be wood.

We offer butcher block countertops, which are very popular during remodels, especially with a farmhouse or craftsman style. These countertops are made of layered wood, which adds a natural, organic glow that is tough to beat! You’ll have some color options based on the type of wood you choose, but it’s tough to go wrong!

Mix And Match Countertop Materials
For A Unique Remodel

You don’t have to play by the rules. You can mix and match countertop material types however you’d like. It’s definitely not unheard of to try a mix of patterns and colors a bit, like the moving compositions of marble and granite with a solid surface countertop of light or neutral colors.

One very popular and modern concept is installing white marble or quartz with a butcherblock inlay. This is perfect for food preparation, and it offers a timeless look. We have plenty of ideas like this!

So, if you are undecided on exactly what to do, just have us install more than one type! You’ll find that natural and engineered stones play well with each other and can be used for different purposes. The only difference will be in how you clean and maintain them, and we’ll teach you about that – we love helping our Summit County homeowners.

Add Some Color To Your Kitchen
With New Countertops

Your countertops don’t need to be boring or neutral. You can add some excitement to your countertops with patterns and designs, even with stone countertops like quartz.

You also have the option to choose a solid surface countertop that comes in just about any color you’d like. Mixing and matching countertops is a huge benefit here because you can choose the right material for the color you want to have in one area using the strengths of other countertop materials and their colors elsewhere.

Call Element Design Build Remodel To
Install Countertops In Your Home

We would love to help guide you through the possibilities when installing countertops in your Richfield, OH home. Reach out to us at Element Design Build Remodel, and we’ll get started on your project. Schedule an in-person consultation by calling us at 330-523-6919. Our experienced designers will lead the way!