One of the top home improvement projects for many homeowners is updating their kitchen, and kitchen countertops are the focal point. Element Design Build Remodel can help with your new countertop installation and your entire kitchen remodel. We’re expert countertop contractors and installers, but we also have an on-site showroom where you can see stunning kitchen countertop options that will transform your culinary space into your dream kitchen.


Choosing Countertop Materials

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Comparing countertop materials helps you find the right countertop to fit your functional needs while also appealing to your personal style. There are many materials to choose from, and each has distinct benefits. Our talented kitchen designers can help you select a beautiful, high-quality material for your counters and backsplash that makes the statement you seek.

Natural stone countertops top the list for durability and unique characteristics, which is why we offer an array of marble and granite countertops. Soapstone and slate provide exotic options for rustic custom countertops that make a unique statement. Manmade materials like Cambria quartz countertops are built to be dazzling, durable and nonporous for low maintenance requirements. For a warm, organic look and feel, consider wood butcher block countertops, or choose budget-friendly countertop options that are surprisingly durable and can mimic higher-end materials.

Kitchen Countertop Cost Guide

When creating a budget for your kitchen remodeling project, cabinets usually take up the biggest chunk, followed by appliances, if you’re replacing yours. Next on the list is countertops, but pricing for kitchen countertops varies greatly depending on the material you choose.

Marble is one of the priciest countertop materials, as is granite, but both can last a lifetime when properly cared for. Quartz is about mid-range on the pricing scale but requires much less upkeep. Solid surface countertops offer a lower-cost alternative, and tough acrylic is durable and requires less maintenance. No matter the material, when you choose Element Design Build Remodel for your kitchen remodeling needs, you can rest assured that everything will be done right.

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DIY Countertop Installation vs Professional Installers

One way to cut your overall remodeling costs is to leave your sink and faucet where they are to avoid paying a plumber to redirect water and drain lines. Leaving these elements intact requires a template the countertop fabricator uses to create the exact shape and size countertop to precisely fit your space. Accurate templates are just one reason using professional countertop installers like you’ll find at Element Design Build Remodel is often the best route.

While doing it yourself saves money on installation services, installing custom countertops usually isn’t a good DIY project unless you’re an experienced handyman. We correctly measure your space, use expert installation techniques and properly seal your countertops to ensure the longevity of your counters and the streamlined look you want.

Trust Our Expert Kitchen Countertop Contractors

At Element Design Build Remodel, we’ll bring our countertops design ideas, listen closely to your needs and lifestyle, then transform your homes into something you feel proud of.

Our Ohio home renovation team at Element Design Build Remodel takes pride in creating the perfect space for your cooking, baking and entertaining needs. We feature high-quality countertops, cabinets, flooring and fixtures in our retail showroom for convenient one-stop shopping. Contact us at 330-576-8762 to schedule a free consultation, or visit our showroom to view the wonderful products we offer.

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