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Beyond The Kitchen: Creative Uses For
Your Brecksville Countertops In
Your Bathroom And More

Use Your Old Countertops For
Shelving, Cutting Boards,
And More

It’s no secret that countertops fade and become damaged over time. That’s why, when you remodel your kitchen, new countertops for your Brecksville home are one of the most exciting parts of the remodel.

But what happens to the old countertops? Any damage—such as stains, nicks, and knife cuts—is minimal in many cases.

Repurposing your old countertops is a great way to reduce waste and have a durable, easy-to-clean material. Countertops can be used as cutting boards, shelves, tiles, and more.

Don’t throw away your old countertops – give them new life with some of the following creative uses!

Use Your Old Countertops As A Desk
For Your Home Office

Finding a wraparound desk for your home office can be expensive, and even then, many desk materials can wear out quickly.

Using your old countertops to fashion a wraparound desk is a cost-effective solution to building a beautiful home office. The sturdy materials won’t wear down easily and are strong enough to bear the weight of a desktop computer, printer, and anything else you have in your home office.

Use Your Old Countertops As Tables In A Hobby Room

Hobbies can be messy, depending on your craft. Art such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and more can wreak havoc on most materials, making finding the right table challenging.

Not so with countertops. Countertops are designed to withstand food, drink, heat, and sharp objects, perfect for hobby room tables.

Consider repurposing old countertops into a large table or counters in a hobby room. Not only do most countertop materials hold up beautifully against stains and scratches, but they’re also easy to clean.

Make Tiles Out Of Your Old Kitchen Countertops

Countertops, especially those made of natural stone like quartz, granite, and marble, can be cut into smaller pieces to use as tile or motifs in bathrooms and other areas. If you’re feeling artistic, consider using them as mosaic tiles for gardening stones.

Use Your Old Countertops For Your Mantle

Depending on your countertop materials, you could use natural stone countertops as a mantle over your fireplace. The countertops provide a sturdy surface that won’t easily scratch, making them the perfect setting for picture frames, flower vases, art, and more above your fireplace.

Transform Your Countertops Into A Coffee Table

Coffee tables are popular in many living rooms and can help tie your decor together. Why not repurpose your old kitchen countertops into a beautiful new coffee table?

When you have a coffee table with a surface made from countertops, you also have the convenience of not needing coasters when serving hot drinks since most countertop materials are highly heat-resistant.

Add Gravel Or Small Rocks Recycled From
Your Old Countertops To Your Garden

Landscaping is a wonderful way to use your old countertops. Whether your countertops are made of natural stone or synthetic material, they can be ground up and used as gravel to add depth and contrast to your garden.

Consider cutting your countertops into round or square tiles to use as stepping stones in your yard. You could even make a stunning rock garden by cutting up your old countertops, giving your garden a tranquil touch.

Upcycle Your Old Countertops As Shelves
Throughout Your Home

Suitable shelving can be hard to find. Transform your old countertops into shelves throughout your home, and you’ll have sturdy, long-lasting shelves that will resist damage for years to come.

Just make sure to consider the weight of your countertops (as many materials can be quite heavy) so you can understand how to anchor them to your walls properly.

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Whether you prefer natural stone—like granite or quartz—or less conventional materials like soapstone, slate, butcher’s block, and more, Element Design Build Remodel has what you’re looking for.

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