Gorgeous bathroom with glass shower and granite countertops

Top Design Style Options For Bathroom
Remodeling In Hudson, OH

Invest In A Brand-New Bathroom
That You’ll Absolutely Love

Bathroom remodeling in Hudson, OH is an exciting way to transform a bathroom that’s just functional into an elegant and relaxing retreat.

When you’re considering bathroom remodeling in Summit County, there are many design styles to consider. It’s important to choose a bathroom style that fits your personal style and works for your space.

As the top remodeling contractor in the Cleveland, OH, area, our team at Element Design Build Remodel LOVES partnering with homeowners to design dream bathrooms. We’ve seen just about every bathroom design style out there.

Learn about some of the top design style options for bathroom remodeling. These design styles help ensure every element of your bathroom works cohesively for spa-like results.

Traditional Style Bathroom Remodeling Is Tried-And-True

If you like a timeless and cozy design, a traditional bathroom is perfect. These bathrooms are comfortable and lived-in without giving up any of the luxury.

Traditional bathrooms have an inviting atmosphere. They include classic bathroom fixtures and lots of warm colors.

If you want to go with a traditional bathroom, consider incorporating things such as:

  • High-quality materials like quartz and marble
  • Cabinets with decorative detail
  • Rich, warm, and soft colors
  • A spa-like shower or bath
  • Classic tile patterns

Traditional bathrooms are perfect for the whole family. You’ll enjoy a homey bathroom that still feels like a relaxing getaway.

When you choose this design style, you can include lots of personal touches that work in your personality. Colorful rugs, family photos – anything that makes your bathroom feel more like home.

How To Incorporate Minimalistic Style During
Bathroom Remodeling In Hudson, OH

Minimalist bathrooms have become more and more popular. A minimalist design style is definitely trending right now, and for good reason. It’s timeless and versatile, perfect for a bathroom you’ll enjoy for years.

Minimalist design is all about celebrating simplicity.

What does this mean for your bathroom design?

Streamlined bathroom fixtures are perfect for clean lines. Some good elements to consider include:

  • Creative storage to reduce clutter
  • Gorgeous and simple vanities
  • A natural color scheme
  • Glass walk-in showers
  • Well-placed mirrors
  • Diffused lighting

Minimalist bathrooms don’t have to be boring or austere.

Incorporate warmth with elements like pops of color and natural materials like wood.

Make your bathroom feel cozy with spa-like elements, such as a steam shower.

Consider A Contemporary Style For Bathroom
Remodeling In Hudson, OH

Contemporary bathroom design is marked by clever use of clean angles and pops of personality. It’s modern and sophisticated.

When you’re planning your dream contemporary bathroom, here are some elements we’d recommend:

  • Color schemes with a pop of color
  • A freestanding bathtub
  • Custom cabinets
  • Walk-in shower
  • Geometric tiles
  • Sleek vanity

We love contemporary bathrooms because this design style really lets your creativity shine. It’s the perfect design style to customize every element of your bathroom.

Think About An Industrial Style For Your
Hudson, OH Bathroom Remodeling

Love the modern farmhouse look but don’t want to go quite so rustic?

An industrial design style is edgy and open. You’ll love the chance to work in some statement lighting and celebrate texture and unusual materials.

When you’ve decided to go with an industrial style for your bathroom remodeling project, consider:

  • A dark, high-contrast color scheme
  • Touches of brick, stone, or concrete
  • Lots of statement lighting
  • Freestanding tub
  • Metal fixtures

If you’re excited to do something a little different, an industrial bathroom style is just right for you.

Nautical-Inspired Bathroom Remodeling Might
Be Perfect For Your Hudson, OH Bathroom

Want your bathroom to feel like a vacation to the seaside?

Nautical-inspired bathrooms are bright, airy, and tranquil. You can go for a more beachy feel or a more modern feel – whatever works for you.

We’d recommend thinking about the following for nautical-inspired bathroom remodeling:

  • Beachy color scheme with blues and whites
  • A stunning, spa-like bathtub
  • Seaside-inspired decor
  • A statement vanity
  • Warm lighting

It’s really up to decor for the final nautical touches after bathroom remodeling. Get creative and consider accents like rope, seashells, or wood accents.

Not sure what style is right for your bathroom remodeling project? Schedule a free design consultation, and our experienced team will help you plan a bathroom that you’ll love.