Adding dimension to your bathroom layout can change your whole outlook. Bathrooms are where we first go in the morning and, assumingly, the last before resting for a long slumber. More often than not, with all the porcelain, cabinetry, storage, metal and racks – the only warm and fuzzy feeling a bathroom brings is a towel.  Then there is size – Depending on the style of the home, bathrooms can be bleak, cold, tight and access to necessities is challenging. 

So how can you make your bathroom layout feel and look more expansive, welcoming and accessible? Is your bathroom floor plan ready for a new beginning? Do you need more floor space? 

Adding one or a few of these elements listed below to a dimensional space can elevate the design of your bathroom.

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Warm Wood Tones

As technology continues to take over every aspect of our lives, more and more of us are craving nature like never before, looking for new ways to incorporate organic materials into our living spaces.

Warming wood tones add comfort and an inviting feeling to your home. Often, bathroom fixtures are bland and a small bathroom can be challenging to decorate. If you want a more rustic feel, consider solid hardwood backdrops like cherry or mahogany that can create an old-fashioned romance in any room of the house. 

Whereas if coolness is needed for your bathroom layout, look no further than Ash (or other drier woods) which will liven up even the dullest spaces with their refreshing energies!

The best part about wood – you can make it your own! Adding a stain or finish will incorporate a mature and individualistic look to any wood tone. 

So whether you’re looking to add texture to a ​minimalist aesthetic, add layers to a feminine style or create a more welcoming atmosphere in a traditional design – wood in the bathroom might be your new favorite interior solution.

Warm Wood Tones in a remodeled bathroom.

Soft Lighting

The word of the day aligned with soft lighting is ambiance

The bathroom is not only a place to take care of your physical needs but also an opportunity for reflection. Proper lighting can help you feel more comfortable in this airy room and less prone to accidents when exiting the premises after dark hours have passed!

Whether you have a powder room, a pedestal sink, a double vanity, a walk-in shower or smaller bathrooms, lighting is key.

One of the simplest ways to discern what type of lighting you are likely to benefit most is to take mental stock of the times you use the bathroom. Do you prefer morning or evening showers? How bright is it outside when you wake up? Will the bathroom also need to accommodate grooming processes like makeup application?

Soft lighting tones are the answers to all those questions. 

Young woman in front of wall mirror in a remodeled bathroom.

While LED lights are not popular for bathrooms, getting in early has considerable advantages. LED lights are incredibly durable and last 25 times longer than a traditional bulbs. They can save 80% of conventional lighting costs, be programmed depending on other lighting in the bathroom and even come in soothing colors depending on the mood…

One of Element’s favorite techniques for bathroom plans is to add sconces to accent natural light. In the design above, beside the mirrors, the sconces diffuse the hard light from the bulb creating a warm atmosphere in the room. The natural light coming through the windows is also adding to the calm atmosphere.

Accent Walls

Whether you want to create the perfect board and batten accent wall or bring floral wallpaper to your bathroom, accent walls are no longer limited to just a coat of paint. 

  • Shiplap creates a crisp, clean look that is the perfect focal point for your bathroom. They also have the look and feel of adding more space without tearing down walls. 
  • Board and batten pair beautifully with contemporary or traditional stylings and can be implemented as a whole or partial wall. 
  • A wallpaper accent wall for your bathroom will surely be a show-stopping feature. With nearly limitless patterns, wallpaper can pair beautifully with any style.
  • Use multiple design components to create a personalized look – Quartz can be brought from your wall to your countertop to create a fluid and elegant canvas fit for decor.
  • A subway tile bathroom accent allows for your creative freedom to thrive. Gold, silver, or matte black features pair equally beautifully with subway tile
  • An open shelving accent wall in the bathroom is as functional as stylish with a tight space or to open up more countertop space.

Accent walls can be a variety of different materials including but not limited to wallpaper, tile, wood, paint, and brick. Giving a focal point to one wall can help define your room and give it a perceived added volume. In addition to the room dimension, the wall itself can have texture.

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Want to add some color? Is your tub shower combo lacking something?

The bathroom can be a great place to go big with color. It’s a smaller space, so intense colors and bold designs can take center stage without it being overwhelming.

Give your bathroom floor plans a colorful refresh and add textiles. A new rug is an excellent option for any room in the house; it can take things further with different styles like graphic towels or sleek and modern ones. 

If you have open shelving or a recessed medicine cabinet for storing items, consider adding textiles to feed on your energy.


Another word of the day with sprucing up your bathroom is placement.

A bathroom floor can have all sorts of yucky things on it. One way to overcome excess hair, scattered q-tips, toilet products and enhance bathroom features is to disguise your bathroom with an awesome bathmat. 

Yes, bathmats absorb extra water dripping after washing your hair and body and placing them outside the tub will prevent you from slipping when your feet are wet, but they can offer much more!

When thinking of your bathroom layout, bathmats can also add another layer of decor by matching the shower curtain, towels, or any other soft fabric you might have.

When you need something to absorb water in front of your shower or bath, make sure it’s not slippery and use a cotton material like a towel.

Finding a rug to match your bathroom’s color is recommended if you are looking for something that adds some personality and flair. Place it in the center of the room so all eyes can see! No matter make sure to have open floor space so more yucky stuff doesn’t grow under the mats…

Beautiful added dimension in remodeled bathroom.

Window Curtains

Window curtains are an elegant design aspect to elevate your bathroom space. Curtains add softness to functional spaces, like bathrooms, creating a relaxing sanctuary.

“A bathroom is a humid environment, so be conscious of this when choosing the curtain material. Consider a lightweight, washable fabric so that you can clean regularly. Man-made fibers are better at resisting mold and mildew, though natural materials such as linens and cotton will provide a more natural look,” explains Emma Joyce, Brand Manager at House of Rohl.

Curtains don’t have to be 6 feet long in a bathroom and might not be suitable for small bathroom layout ideas. In this case, opt for something highly waterproof, such as blinds or shutters, that can withstand the wear and tear of daily family life.

Though, if you have a bathroom plan with limitless space with amazing light, sheer curtains are a great choice for a traditional bathroom layout. If you want to get funky, injecting patterned curtains can completely reinvent a tired space and bathroom curtain ideas offer the perfect canvas. In a cottage or vintage-style bathroom, opt for pretty pinched pleat cafe-style curtains that will bring a delicate detail to your bathroom scheme.

The modern bathroom has become a place to take time out of our hectic lives. It provides the space that we need for self-reflection, where distractions are few and far between, so it’s easy to get away from everything else around us. Normal trends are to choose a base palette grey, white and black to induce a calming atmosphere. 

So many dimensional options!!!

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We’ve all checked into a hotel and were amazed at how towels can be so evenly laid out or the designs that some housekeepers put forth. The quickest and most practical addition to a bathroom’s aesthetic is towels. 

Towels come in a variety of different materials, sizes, colors, and textures. Although white towels give a clean look, adding a pop of color within the towels also can add to giving a space dimension.  

Adding soft wood tones, warm lighting, accent walls, and/or textiles to a space can make a room feel larger. Each of the design options above has a large price range allowing you to stay within a budget that works for you.

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