Best Materials And Surfaces For Luxury
Bathroom Remodeling In Richfield

Set The Stage With The Perfect Materials
For Your Summit County Remodel

What makes the difference between ordinary and luxury when it comes to Richfield bathroom remodeling?

Materials. Materials make all the difference – whether you favor natural stone, the rustic feel of natural wood, or want something flashier like Cambria quartz, Element Design Build Remodel is here for you. We offer countless options to choose from and, with our eye for interior design, can put together the perfect palette for your luxury bathroom remodel.

If you’re tired of looking at outdated countertops and want a sleek, relaxing bathroom oasis, luxury materials will stand out and make a statement. Little details such as hardware, furnishings, and flooring make the difference between just another generic bathroom and a spa-like luxury space.

Let’s look at some of the best materials for luxury bathroom remodeling and how to use them to deliver a stunning, long-lasting effect to your bathroom.

Using Natural Stone In Bathroom Remodeling

Natural stone gives an automatic luxury feel to any remodeling project. Not only does it have a striking natural appearance, but it’s also durable and holds up well against day-to-day wear and tear.


Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials for a reason. It’s durable, long-lasting, and breathtaking. Did we also mention that it’s one of the most affordable natural stone options? Granite has many striking varieties, so no two granite surfaces ever look the same.


With its creamy white hue and striking veins, marble is synonymous with luxury. Because of its high maintenance, we don’t recommend using marble in high moisture environments.

However, it can work beautifully as an accent piece. Marble floors with inlay mosaic are a traditional and beautiful addition to your bathroom.

Cambria Quartz: A Versatile And Striking
Material For Your Richfield Bathroom

At Element Design Build Remodel, we highly recommend Cambria quartz. We’ve remodeled countless bathrooms in Summit County using Cambria quartz shower surrounds for an immersive feeling of luxury.

Our Cambria quartz comes in several varieties that showcase various grain and vein patterns, so you can choose which option suits your tastes.

Don’t Overlook Flooring Options For
Your Richfield Bathroom Remodel

Flooring options in luxury bathroom remodeling must be durable, beautiful, and moisture-resistant. Given the amount of moisture in your bathroom on a day-to-day basis, tile is a beautiful and versatile go-to material for luxurious yet practical flooring.

Ceramic, porcelain, glass, travertine, and terra cotta tiles are high-quality tile options with stunning colors and patterns.

Terra cotta lends an earthy, rustic feel to your bathroom – perfect for homeowners looking to make their bathroom remodel the ultimate spa-like retreat.

Glass, porcelain, and ceramic are easy to install and hold up beautifully against moisture. Travertine retains heat and feels naturally warm underfoot – a must-have during these cold, Northern Ohio winters. Though with our installation of radiant heating under your bathroom floors, you can be warm no matter which flooring material you use!

Breathtaking Cabinets For Your Luxury Bathroom Remodel

When planning your luxury bathroom remodel, don’t underestimate the significance luxury cabinets have on the overall feel of your bathroom.

In addition to providing storage space to keep your bathroom looking organized, cabinets complement the rest of the features in your bathroom. At Element Design Build Remodel, we provide custom carpentry as well as cabinets for every price point.

Bathroom Fixtures: Important Factors
In Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

In luxury bathroom remodeling, everything – even the seemingly small things like hardware and grout – influences the outcome, forming a stunning yet relaxing space that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Choosing bathroom fixtures is important. Types of sinks and hardware, whether you want a walk-in shower or freestanding tub, are things to consider to build your dream bathroom.

Element Design Build Remodel: Richfield’s Distinguished
Choice For Quality Bathroom Remodeling

If it seems overwhelming, remember that at Element DBR, we’re a full-service design-build firm. We’re here for you every step of the way, taking the stress off your shoulders, delivering your dream bathroom seamlessly, and exceeding expectations.

If you live in the Summit County area and are considering remodeling your bathroom, fill out our online form or call us at 330-523-6919 to schedule your consultation.