Renovating your bathroom, whether that means swapping out counters and toilets or bringing the entire thing down to the studs for a complete redo, can be stressful. Homeowners want to know how long this critical room will be out of commission and what to expect when it comes to costs, options and planning. The guide about bathroom renovations below ensures you know exactly what to expect when you start a bathroom reno job with Element Design Build Remodel.

Cost and Timeline

To make it easy for homeowners to understand the timeline and cost commitment related to renovations, Element Design Build Remodel breaks projects into three categories: Good, Better and Best. Those designations don’t equate to the quality of the work — Element Design Build Remodel strives to provide excellent quality no matter what is  being accomplished in your home. Instead, the categories describe how much work is being done.

Good (around 10 days of work)

Projects in this category don’t typically involve a lot of actual construction. They might include swapping out finishes or installing new vanity tops or tile in basic sizes. The quality of the installation work is always excellent, but products used in this category are often pre-fab or come from more basic collections. So, while you still get name-brand plumbing and all-plywood construction, your options in sizes and styles may be more limited.

Better (around a month of work)

This category typically involves swapping out most of the existing features, such as providing new cabinets, tubs and toilets. It may also include work to add a custom feature or two, such as taking out a closet to open-up more space, making room for a shower, or putting in a linen closet with shelving.

Products associated with this category may be taken from mid-range collections, offering additional choices and options such as detailed tile designs and semi-custom vanities.

Best (between eight and 12 weeks of work)

With this category, you get a comprehensive renovation of your bathroom with major changes to structure and design. It might include, for example, ripping out a drop-in tub to install a freestanding model, moving the toilet to another wall or enlarging the shower.

Products in the best category tend to come from high-end collections and include options such as intricate tile patterns with mosaics and full custom vanities.

Mix and Match

Homeowners can also choose to mix and match goods and services from each of these categories, selecting a pre-fab vanity but high-end plumbing, for example.

Because of the number of customizations offered and the ability to pick and choose according to your needs, there’s not a preset range for pricing when you work with Element Design Build Remodel. Instead, we work with you to understand your goals and needs and put together quote packages and options so you’re fully aware of the costs and can make educated decisions before moving forward with your bathroom remodel.

Where Should You Start When Remodeling a Bathroom?

It’s important to understand what types of things you want to accomplish with your bathroom remodel before you begin tearing anything out. The experts at Element Design Build Remodel recommend that homeowners begin by looking on Pinterest or browsing design magazines to get ideas for their dream bathroom.

When the client puts in some research time and is able to clearly show and communicate what they want, the quote process is smoother and much more accurate. It’s helpful when clients have a wish list and plenty of photos of things they like to work from.

Clients should definitely consider what they want to spend on the bathroom renovation. Element Design Build Remodel asks about budget first, not because of greed or a desire to “get everything they can out of homeowners.” By understanding budget, the reno pros can help set expectations for exactly what can be accomplished; they work with homeowners to tailor reno plans to budget while ensuring the most important aspects are covered.

What Factors Should You Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom?

While the above timelines are fairly accurate for different types of projects, and Element Design Build Remodel can usually provide a more detailed timeline once your project is planned, know that estimates are just that. Estimated timelines can be impacted by any number of factors, and each piece of your remodel depends on the other.

For example, if the team runs into a challenge during prep or demolition work, that holds up everything else. Counter and shower templating can’t be completed until tile is fully installed in many cases, and finished plumbing can’t be installed until counters and shelving are installed. With custom jobs, there may be delays while shower doors are fabricated. With longer renos, the last few weeks may not see constant work and construction as the team waits for certain elements to be fabricated or to cure before moving forward with the next task.

For more information about bathroom remodels or to schedule a consultation to get your dream bathroom started, contact Element Design Build Remodel today.