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Creative Storage Ideas For Small
Kitchens: Making The Most Of
Your Brecksville Cabinets

Transform Your Cluttered
Kitchen Into A
Tidy Space

No one wants a kitchen with cluttered counters and cabinets where you can’t find anything. Make your Brecksville cabinets work for you by investing in creative storage solutions for your kitchen. Using vertical space is one of the best ways to free up space in your kitchen, no matter how small a space you’re working with.

We’ve remodeled every size kitchen at Element Design Build Remodel, from spacious chef’s kitchens to small galley spaces. We know how to make the best use of every square inch in your kitchen so everything has its proper place and never looks cluttered!

Discover creative storage solutions for your Brecksville kitchen with the following design tips.

Add A Lazy Susan Rotating Cabinet
To Your Brecksville Kitchen

Rotating cabinets – also called Lazy Susans – are great for organizing large spaces. With a spinning wheel in a large, relatively empty cabinet, you can fit more dishes and easily turn the wheel to find what you want quickly and efficiently.

Lazy Susans also prevent messy storage. A spacious area without much shelving is easy to fill up with disorganized stacks of dishes that can take forever to pick through. A spinning wheel transforms this chaotic, empty space into a smooth, efficient shelving option.

Make Use Of Vertical Space For Your Cabinets

Tall cabinets that make the most of your vertical space are a no-brainer for your remodeled kitchen. Store seldom-used dishes, like wine glasses and holiday dishes, at the highest levels while saving the more accessible shelves for dishes and other items you use regularly.

Use Pull-Out Cabinets And Sliding
Drawers For Small Items

Small items, such as spice jars, can easily become dislodged by rifling through your shelves. With pull-out cabinets, you’ll no longer have to worry about salt and pepper rolling off your shelves as you prepare dinner.

Pull-out shelves have small, narrow compartments that smaller items can snugly and neatly fit into, making it easy to instantly find what you need.

Sliding drawers are another popular option that adds extra organization to your kitchen. Instead of crouching down to look through your shelves, sliding shelves make preparing meals a breeze since you can find what you need much easier.

At Element Design Build Remodel, our stunning cabinets are seamlessly designed to fit beautifully into your kitchen, whether you want custom carpentry or high-quality options from our cabinet lines.

Add A Built-In Pantry In Your Cabinet Design

When remodeling a small kitchen, homeowners rarely have the luxury of a spacious walk-in pantry. So, how can Cuyahoga County homeowners solve this problem?

Built-in pantries are a great way to incorporate your pantry into your kitchen without disrupting the seamless design of your cabinets. Add sliding drawers to better find what you need, and your built-in pantry will be perfect!

Hide Unsightly Or Difficult-To-Organize Essentials
With A Tip Out Tray In Your Cabinet Design

Some essentials aren’t exactly glamorous in your kitchen. Sponges, gloves, and small items can still have their own space in your kitchen behind a tip-out tray.

A tip-out tray utilizes the empty space directly beneath your sink and above the cabinet doors under your sink to easily store small items that are otherwise difficult to organize.

Sponges and gloves, after all, need to be accessible and yet aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing items in your kitchen to put on display.

Incorporate Vertical Separators Or Cabinets
Into Your Kitchen’s Design

Large pizza pans, baking sheets, and cutting boards can be difficult to store without proper spaces. Vertical separators keep these unwieldy dishes neatly in their own spaces while making them easy to access.

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