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Thinking Through The Costs of Home
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There are so many changes you can make to your home that it’s often difficult to know what you’ll spend constructing it. Remodeling and home additions for your Richfield, OH, home can add serious value and efficiency to your place by making room for a new kitchen or additional storage.

We’ll help you out by discussing some of the factors that go into what the addition to your Summit County home could cost.

What Kind Of House Additions Add To Remodeling Costs?

When researching home additions, you’ll find there are a few ways to add square footage and space to your home. Let’s review what potential costs the most or least when it comes to adding a home extension or addition.

Single Story, Ground Level Additions And Extensions

A ground-level addition is typically the least expensive home addition or extension you can make. Your professional remodeling company may not have to add much, if any, structural support to your house. These often involve extending a kitchen by removing a wall.

Second Story Additions

By a second-story addition, we mean building an additional story on the house. This is more common amongst houses with a single level and a basement. These kinds of additions are perfect for adding lots of space to your home and often more than one room.

A second-story addition does cost more than a single-story, ground-level addition, as you’ll likely need to add structural support to the home to carry the weight of an additional story. Some homeowners favor a second-story addition due to the ability to add more to the home. It can be more cost-effective per square foot.

Finishing Your Basement

Basement additions tend to cost the most and are generally recommended when you don’t have the option to build up or out. In order to add to your basement, you’ll need to lift the house with jacks, then remove the foundation, and dig deeper into the ground to build a new foundation.

The best answer is still that “it depends.” We would love to talk to you about your remodeling ideas. You should reach out and schedule a consultation with us so we can discuss! We can also talk to you about the value that a basement addition or basement remodel adds.

What Else Impacts The Cost Of My Home Addition Project?

The type of addition isn’t the only factor that changes how much a home addition project can cost. Let’s explore a few more here:

Materials And Fixtures

The cost of the materials needed to construct a home addition project can vary based on your location as well as your desires. For example, if you want to add on a bathroom, you’ll also be paying for plumbing and electrical in addition to the hardware and furnishings that go into making nice-looking countertops and a bathtub or shower. The cost depends on your tastes!


Some types of additions and complex projects take more time than others. Much of the cost of a home addition project is having skilled experts who can make your electrical safe and functional, your plumbing work for either a bath, and your countertops stable and aligned properly.


Some homeowners tend to calculate based on how much it costs to renovate by the square foot. This also means that the larger and more complex a space you are trying to make, the more it will cost.


Having a designer help with your home addition may impact the price, but it is completely worth it to many families. A designer helps make for a more organized, streamlined project that any homeowner will love. A well-thought-out design can even increase your home value.

Does A Home Addition Project Add Value To My Home?

So, we’ve talked about the potential prices of doing a home addition project. Now, let’s talk a bit about what you get as a homeowner – especially if you sell your house in the future.

While your return on investment for a home addition will certainly vary based on market conditions and the popularity of your home addition to other buyers, a home addition will increase your home’s value.

If one of your motivations for constructing a home addition is adding value to your home, we suggest you contact us so we can discuss the best possible home addition based on current trends.

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