Remodeling your kitchen is a big undertaking, but it can also be a fun renovation project that transforms an outdated kitchen into the culinary hub many homeowners dream about. Careful planning and some expert advice and renovation tips can help you save money while creating a dream kitchen that enhances the resale value of your home. This article will help you with what to consider when remodeling a kitchen.

Start with this list of important factors to consider so your kitchen remodeling projects can roll smoothly.

Set Your Kitchen Remodel Budget

Before you begin your kitchen renovation, work up a budget to ensure you don’t spend more on your remodel than you can afford. Having a set budget as well as step-by-step instructions or plan may even help you save money while also showing you where you have some wiggle room if you go over budget on certain aspects during the remodeling process.

Don’t forget easily overlooked expenses of a kitchen renovation, such as securing permits for building codes, disposal fees, possible flooring damages, dining out and cleanup costs. Element Design Build Remodel can help you look at the bigger picture and all the costs to ensure nothing is left out.

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Assess Your Current Layout

Before you start working with a designer or purchasing materials for your renovation, carefully consider your current layout and how you might want it changed. A common change is opening up a small space by removing a wall.

However, it’s not always easy to take out any wall you want. Load-bearing walls are critical parts of a house’s structure, and if removed incorrectly, you risk buckling and a roof collapse. This job is generally best tackled by a professional and not your average DIYer. When removing walls in a house, you also need to determine whether that will impact the ceiling, other rooms, your external site or any doors in the room.

As you contemplate your kitchen look, also consider whether you want to relocate your sink, stove or refrigerator. While many people believe appliances must stay where they are, you can move them to meet accessibility guidelines, but it will greatly impact your budget. The team at Element will help you find the best solution that works well in your space.

Consider Counter Space and Materials

Kitchen countertops are an essential element of your kitchen remodeling and often set the tone for your entire design. Counters are also one of the kitchen’s busiest areas and take a lot of abuse, so your countertop material must be durable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

You’ll find a wide array of kitchen countertop materials to choose from based on budget, lifestyle and maintenance requirements, including stunning Cambria quartz, marble and granite countertops. If you have enough space and don’t already have one, consider adding a kitchen island to your layout for additional counter space and another area to install cabinets.

Evaluate Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are another integral part of your kitchen remodeling, and the right ones should enhance both the functionality and the style of your culinary space. You’ll find a surprisingly large array of cabinet types, from custom Amish-built to semi-custom and factory-made cabinetry from gallery trending videos online.

Cabinet materials, finishes and hardware can all enhance your preferred style. Don’t forget about functional aspects. You can start by gathering information or advice like how much storage space you need to ensure your overall satisfaction with your new kitchen cabinets. Also, keep the weight of your new countertops in mind when choosing bottom cabinets to ensure they’re going to be sturdy enough.

Upgrade but Leave Appliances in Place

Here's what to consider when remodeling a kitchen.

A complete kitchen renovation should include new appliances for your convenience, especially if yours are several years old. Kitchen appliances may include a refrigerator, range, range hood, dishwasher and microwave. When you choose appliances, keep your kitchen layout in mind. If possible, installation of new appliances in the same place as your old ones. Moving an appliance to a new location often requires electrical outlets to also be moved, which can skew your budget with the cost of additional permits and hiring a licensed electrician.

Weigh the Perks of Upgrading Plumbing and Fixtures

Replacing kitchen fixtures helps put the finishing touches on a kitchen renovation. At the same time, it also lets you replace outdated faucets with modern options, such as pull-down sprayer hoses, touch-on faucets or touchless faucets. Consider replacing an old single-basin cast-iron sink with a modern double-basin stainless steel version. If you’re replacing your kitchen sink and faucet and don’t already have a garbage disposal, it’s a great time to consider installing one. While a plumber can change out a kitchen sink or faucet without replacing all your pipes, it’s a great time to upgrade them as they know the ground rules of plumbing.

Don’t Forget Ambient and Task Lighting

kitchen lighting can level up your house

Your kitchen renovation isn’t complete without good lighting, which should provide general illumination but can also enhance your overall design. Good lighting should contain a combination of task and ambient lighting. Sourcing ideas online would be a good idea and you can see a number of good kitchen lighting inspirations that you can use for your kitchen renovation.

Ambient lighting provides general illumination for an overall, uniform lighting level. Task lighting is brighter and focuses on a particular area for intense illumination that’s ideal for detailed tasks, such as preparing food. Track, recessed, under-counter and pendant lights are also potential lighting options, and most homeowners choose a combination of these and others.

Work With the Kitchen Renovation Experts

Our kitchen design experts at Element Design Build Remodel can help you with the entire remodeling process. Whether you need a simple kitchen renovation or a completely new kitchen design, we help you avoid common kitchen remodel pitfalls so you can get into your kitchen sooner. Our talented team offers professional design service and expert advice on all aspects of your kitchen remodel project. You’ll also find top products you can depend on at our Element Kitchen and Bath Studio showroom in Hudson, Ohio. Contact us at 330-523-6919 to schedule a free consultation and let us help you create the new kitchen you’ve always wanted.