Luxury Cabinets For Richfield, OH From Element Design Build Remodel

Make Your Richfield Kitchen And Bath Look
More Expensive With Luxury Cabinets

Elevate Your Home With Gorgeous
Custom Cabinets

Refresh your home in Richfield with luxury cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom.

Want to make your home look more expensive? Installing luxury cabinets might sound like a small change, but the results are stunning. Plus, new cabinets can add resale value to your home.

Here at Element Design Build Remodel, we’re the top home remodelers in the Cleveland area. Our expert designers know a thing or two about how to make a home look more elegant. You can never go wrong with some gorgeous new cabinets.

We’re excited to share all our tips and tricks for how to make your home look more expensive with new cabinets.

Invest In Custom Cabinets For Your Richfield Home

What is the best way to make your kitchen and bathroom look high-end?

Custom cabinets.

Top-Quality Materials

When you order custom cabinets, they’re built to fit the space PERFECTLY. Your storage will be built to maximize the space.

Even better? Cabinets that are specially made can last for longer than off-the-shelf options. Our personalized cabinet options include Amish cabinetry, which is hand-crafted from quality materials. They’ll stand up to wear for YEARS.

Consider Every Element

Our team can help you design custom cabinets that tie together all the design elements in your Summit County kitchen or bathroom remodel. It’s the ultimate touch to make the space look stunning.

There are so many elements you can customize for your cabinets, including:

  • Hardware
  • Design
  • Color
  • Finish
  • Wood
  • Style

Custom-built cabinets always add refinement to your kitchen or bathroom. There’s nothing that makes your home look more luxurious than made-to-order cabinets.

Maximize Space With Thoughtful Placement Of New
Luxury Cabinets In Your Richfield, OH Home

You’ve got luxury cabinets to take your Summit County kitchen or bathroom to the next level. What next?

The placement of cabinets is just as important as the material.

Make Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Feel Larger

Cabinet placement is the key to making your kitchen or bathroom feel larger. Something as simple as a well-designed floor plan can add feet of usable space to the room.

The best move is to hire a designer who can help optimize your floor plan. Our seasoned team at Element Design Build Remodel can help you think through all the cabinet placement factors, including plumbing and the flow of the room, to optimize space.

Add Storage With A Creative Cabinet Layout

Kitchen cabinets can use all the space from floor to ceiling for maximum storage. Get creative with options like pull-out drawers, corner cabinets, and dividers.

In the bathroom, consider installing cabinetry under the vanity if it’s not there already. Corner cabinets can be a fantastic use of bathroom space, too.

Choose Elegant Hardware For Cabinets

Once you’ve picked out your new cabinets, hardware is the next consideration.

Choosing stylish hardware is key to making your cabinets look luxurious. Some homeowners decide to forgo hardware altogether, but that’s usually a mistake if you’re trying to up the style in your kitchen.

Hardware is the eye-catching detail for cabinets. It’s like jewelry for your kitchen. High-end hardware is one of those easy details to make your kitchen or bathroom look more expensive.

Choose hardware that fits the style of your kitchen. If you’re going for a modern look, think about sleek metal pulls. Want to lean into a more artsy feel? Consider a unique shape or finish.

The right hardware can make even the most basic cabinets look expensive.

We carry Emtek and TopKnobs hardware, as well as other brands. These tried-and-true brands have a myriad of styles to choose from.

Even better? You can match some of our hardware options with your faucets or lighting fixtures. Yet another way to make your kitchen or bathroom look even more polished!

Find Experienced Installers For Your Luxury
Cabinets In Your Richfield, OH Home

Even if you get the best quality cabinets on the market, flawless installation is VITAL for a luxury look.

Imagine cabinets that aren’t symmetrical and pull away from the walls. Doesn’t exactly scream luxury, does it?

Experienced installers will make sure your cabinets look INCREDIBLE post-installation.

Our team of highly-trained installers gets every detail right. We take precise measurements and follow installation guides to the letter – schedule a free quote today.