styling glass kitchen cabinetsThere’s no denying that glass front cabinets add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. However, the pressure of having your crockery and kitchen accessories front and center can be off-putting. Glass doors don’t have to be reserved for a fancy china cabinet or designer dinner plates, though. By deploying a few simple tricks, you can strategically showcase inexpensive dishes and cookware so they look elegant and expensive. Keep reading to learn about our favorite tips for styling glass kitchen cabinets.

Why Choose Glass Front Cabinets?

Glass cabinets look undeniably beautiful and have the added benefit of creating the illusion of more space in your kitchen. Traditionally, people used them to showcase expensive glassware and collectible items. However, it’s possible to make these pretty glass fronts functional as well as beautiful.

They might be more costly to buy upfront and require a little extra maintenance to keep the glass smudge-free. However, the cottage core aesthetic of glass front cabinets make them a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to give their kitchen a stylish makeover.

How to Style Glass Front Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking for tips on styling glass kitchen cabinets, you’re probably aware it takes a little more effort than your average kitchen remodel. With dishes, glasses, and smaller items on display, you’ll need to plan the color palette and think carefully about functionality in addition to designing a beautiful kitchen.

Below are a few ideas you can draw inspiration from to help create a cohesive feel with glass kitchen cabinets as the design centerpiece of your kitchen.

Step One: Plan the Overall Look

Have a game plan in place before you start. You can save money by designing the rest of the room around pieces you already own. For example, if you have mostly white dishes, consider making white the main theme of your overall look. If your furniture is black and the light fixtures are copper, perfect — stick with these three colors as your main color palette. 

Of course, our design team can help you design the entire kitchen cabinet project from scratch and style your cabinets post-installation.

Other important considerations are whether you want all glass kitchen cabinets or glass upper cabinets only and whether you want open shelving. Plus, it’s crucial that you balance practicality with aesthetics. This means keeping the things you need within reach while ensuring your most attractive items are prominently displayed.

Step Two: Consider Functionality

A kitchen that’s inspired by beauty doesn’t have to be impractical. You can style glass kitchen cabinets so they satisfy your design goals in addition to honoring the practical nature of a kitchen.

  • Keep the most-used dishes on the lower shelves, closest to the serving area and dishwasher.
  • Consider the difference between a bottom shelf and a top shelf. If you have kids, low-glass shelving probably isn’t a good idea. Still, you can display your favorite glassware, serving bowls, and cookbooks on glass upper shelves and benefit from the visual impact of glass doors.
  • Make sure decorative items adorn higher shelves and spend the most time maintaining and refining these.

Step Three: Drawing Visual Interest

The order in which you place items in your cabinet makes all the difference when everything’s on display. Varied shapes and heights add intrigue and draw the eye, so be careful to include plenty of variation when it comes to height, texture, and purpose. From an interior design perspective, smaller items look better on lower shelves, while larger items create more of an impact on higher shelves.

If cabinet doors divide the display, be sure to stack items so they’re not concealed by the edges or panes of the glass cabinet. It’s important that every item on display coordinates with the overall style of the cabinets, as any small inconsistency looks more prominent with glass front cabinets.

Glass cabinet style for kitchen

Step Four: Change With the Seasons

The great thing about glass front cabinets is the potential to vary styles slightly with the seasons in the same way as a shop storefront. A white kitchen with matching dishes and accessories is particularly practical for people who love to decorate with the changing seasons.

In spring, you can add pops of green and include crockery featuring cute baby animals or pretty flowers. In summer, add a warm color like yellow into the mix, in autumn, display wood and copper, and add cool winter tones and subtle Christmas touches for the colder months.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Space

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