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Can Refacing Cabinets Replace Full Kitchen
Remodeling In Your Richfield Home?

When To Choose A Quick Kitchen Remodel
With Refinished Cabinets

When you’re ready for a kitchen update, you might be weighing the pros and cons of refacing cabinets in your Richfield kitchen versus going for a full kitchen remodel.

Sometimes, a small touch-up is all your kitchen needs. Cabinet refacing can be a fantastic way to quickly freshen up your kitchen. Other times, a complete rehaul is necessary.

Here at Element Design Build Remodel, we’ve spent years helping Summit County homeowners make their dream kitchens a reality. Our dedication to excellence has made us Cleveland’s top home remodeling contractors.

We’d love to share all our tips picked over hundreds of renovations to decide whether cabinet refacing can replace full kitchen remodeling.

What Does It Mean To Reface Cabinets In
Your Richfield Kitchen?

So, what exactly is cabinet refacing?

Simply put, refacing cabinets is just a makeover for your cabinets.
Cabinets make up a good part of the surface area in your kitchen. Dated cabinets make the entire kitchen look older.

Cabinet refacing involves replacing your cabinet doors. You can choose completely new cabinet doors, including material, finish, hardware, and more. You can even opt for custom-built cabinet doors.

Cabinet Refacing Vs. Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing are often confused. Cabinet refinishing involves updating the look of your existing cabinets with a new finish or veneer.

When an installer is refinishing your cabinets, they’ll usually remove the cabinet doors or drawers. Then, they’ll strip existing finishes or stains by sanding the surfaces. Then, they’ll apply a new stain or finish.

Both cabinet refacing and refinishing update the look of your kitchen. However, cabinet refacing allows for more customization – and the results last for longer.

When To Reface Cabinets Instead Of Full Kitchen
Remodeling In Richfield, OH

Happy with the layout of your kitchen, but want to make the space look a little newer? Then, refacing your kitchen cabinets is the right choice.

Changing the look of cabinets updates the style of your kitchen drastically. Even so, it doesn’t change your floor plan at all.

Save Time And Money

Refacing cabinets costs much less than a complete kitchen remodel.

Additionally, it’s a much faster process. Cabinet refacing only takes a

few days, while a full kitchen remodel can take weeks or more.

When To Consider A Complete Kitchen Remodel
For Your Richfield, OH Home

Need to change the layout of your kitchen? Are you hoping to move appliances around or get some new countertops?

Then, choose kitchen remodeling instead of cabinet refacing.

Have specific ideas of what your perfect kitchen should look like? Kitchen remodeling allows you to build your dream kitchen from floor to ceiling.

What A Full Kitchen Remodel Includes

Refacing cabinets only focuses on cabinets, while a full kitchen remodel considers every element of the space, including:

And more.

Cabinet refacing is an alternative to kitchen remodeling if you only want to update cabinets, but it’s not a replacement if you want to change the entire kitchen.

Find An Experienced Team To Reface The
Cabinets In Your Summit County Home

Cabinet refacing can be a delicate process. New cabinet doors must fit perfectly with your existing cabinet layout.

Choose an experienced team for your cabinet refacing project. Careful measurements and meticulous installation are necessary for results that actually look elegant. An expert crew will make sure your cabinet refacing results last.

Our team of skilled designers can help you determine which process will get the results you’re looking for. Schedule a free consultation today.