Kitchens must be functional yet as the heart of the home, they also should be warm and inviting. Your kitchen will be the most used room of the entire home and used by the most people in your family too! Your kitchen must be efficient in use of space and how you are able to work within it, but because your family will spend so much time there both working and socializing, it should be a reflection of your lifestyle and taste as well as comfortable and inviting.

You may notice we have not yet mentioned the impact of a kitchen remodel upon your property value, though this is also a consideration. While most of our kitchen remodeling customers in the Cleveland area engage our services to improve their homes so they can then enjoy the benefits, when it comes time to sell your property, the kitchen will be one of the most important selling points you can offer any prospective buyer.

marble island kitchen design

Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends for 2019

Quartz Countertops

Granite and marble countertops are slowly giving up ground to quartz countertops because they are more durable and are easy to keep clean and maintain. Quartz countertops also tend to offer a beautiful aesthetic you find with granite, however they are less expensive which means putting more buying power into your remodeling budget.Look at marble and granite for your kitchen remodel, but it is also very worthwhile looking at the quartz countertop options too.

uniqe counter seating kitchen design

Adding Kitchen Color

Creating a clean and open sense of space is very popular with kitchen design, but we are seeing color starting to challenge the dominance of the ‘white look’.

There is now greater choice with color for backsplashes, as well as more typical areas for adding a splash of color, such as painting an accent wall or getting creative with the kitchen island.

Appliance manufacturers are also picking up on the color revolution with more choices beyond the white or chrome appliance in their product lines. Take advantage to break out of the stereotypical kitchen remodel and let your imagination and creativity go further.

earth tones kitchen design with huge island

Minimalist Cabinet Design

Kitchen cabinet design seems to be moving towards a more minimalist approach, with the loss of cabinet handles and furniture. Instead, we are seeing increasing use of cutouts and indents which are more discrete and less intrusive on the eye.

Reducing kitchen cabinet handles also means a cost saving as these are usually a separate item to be added to the cabinetry.

modern classy kitchen design

Matte Finishing and the End of Chrome Appliances

Kitchens tend to be glossy and shiny with the rise of chrome appliances and gloss-finished surfaces. That is changing as a more subdued look and hue with matte finish cabinetry and walls, combined with more options for appliance finishes being offered by manufacturers, especially those with retro-look appliances. A bonus extra benefit is that matte finish does not show signs of use as much as chrome does, so look forward to spending less time cleaning and maintaining them too!

white classic kitchen design