Upgrading your property is super-exciting, but it can be complicated. You want to be sure your investment delivers on quality and functionality so the finished look is a tangible improvement that you’re proud of. No matter how refined your eye for beauty is, working with an interior designer on your home improvement project delivers superior results.

Element Design Build Remodel’s design process is crafted to offer clients exceptional design solutions perfectly suited to their budget, taste and design requirements.

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How Does Element Design Build Remodel’s Design Process Work?

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Whether you’re simply looking for inspiration from expert designers, you have a specific design problem or you’re struggling to come up with a concept, we can help. Our designers and remodeling team work seamlessly together to construct a design solution that’s tailored to the unique character of your house, floor plan and personality.

We start off by consulting with you to get specific design criteria, select products you adore and bounce ideas off one another. Once the research phase and site assessment is complete, we get to work on the process. We’ll give you an idea of costs early on, and we’ll continue to assess and update you of changes as we work through the design brief.

From sketches to 3D models and blueprints, we make sure you have a clear notion of how the finished concept will look before we’ve started. This way, you can let your designer know if there’s something you want to tweak to ensure the finished house renovation is exactly what you envisioned in your mind’s eye.

Below are the steps we take throughout the home remodeling process.

The first step of the redesign process is finding out any problems you have and discussing essentials such as timeline, cost and information about your vision. We’ll go in-depth about your preferences, needs and desires and take measurements so we can be as accurate as possible when making recommendations in the showroom.

After the initial stage, your designer uses the drawings from the estimator to create an initial floor plan for your project. You’ll meet with your designer in our showroom to discuss your project and the desired project spend at this stage to ensure we’re helping select the appropriate products.

This part of the process is the most fun, because you get the chance to be hands-on about the items you want and need to include in your home. You can see, touch and experience the full range of tiles, flooring options, cabinets, countertops and anything else you want to include in your remodeled area.

Once you’ve reviewed and signed off on the designs, an engineer, contractors and others liaise to gather materials and schedule a realistic timeline. You’ll have one point of contact, and predesign is extremely thorough, which minimizes the risk of timeline and budgetary changes. Your project manager tracks cost and timing on your behalf, which keeps the job on course.

Finally, the contractors will arrive at your home and start work making your dream home renovation a reality. The project manager remains in close contact with you along the way and is available to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Because we complete the entire job, from design through construction, the overall project timeline and costs are reduced.

What’s more, with a single, unified team working together, any issues are resolved in a timely manner. Our team works closely with our designers and the project manager to find solutions, so you have peace of mind.

Cabinet Designs

Cabinets come in a broad range of shapes and sizes, and they make a significant difference to the finished look of your kitchen or bathroom. Consider whether you want traditional painted cabinets that you can update later on or modern cabinetry that’s integrated into the overall design.

Planning Your Kitchen

When it comes to designing kitchens, there’s a lot to plan. You’ll need to consider how you want to use the space and think about which appliances are must-haves, as well as working out how you plan to integrate them into the finished kitchen.

Is symmetry a priority for you? Do you see your kitchen being planned around a central island? Do you want warm or cool colors? Coordinating or bold? Our design team can walk you through the layout and design of your kitchen to help you make the best choice for your home.

Selecting Home Flooring

A stunning floor can make all the difference to your home, with the aesthetic of varying materials totally transforming the whole house. Hardwood flooring, vinyl planks, tiles and carpet are just a few options, and each one accents your design features in a unique way. In the assessment stage, we’ll get the measure of your house and discuss your preferences to come up with the perfect floor for your space.

Precision Design Your Dream Home

Exceeding client expectations and delivering exceptional home remodeling services is what we do best at Element Design Build Remodel. Get in touch today to start transforming your property.

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