As times are changing, so has our design process!

Working remotely has fueled innovation at our company. One change we made to our design process to accommodate this is virtual design. At Element Design Build Remodel, we want to make sure every single client receives their dream space. We made the switch to a virtual design process, in addition to meetings by appointment, that we know you will love.

Our process starts off with an initial consultation, where we will measure your space and provide a preliminary estimate. If you are uncomfortable having someone enter your home at this time, we ask that you send us photos of your space via email so we can get a rough idea of the measurements. We also ask you provide a detailed description within the email so we can do our best to get the most accurate preliminary estimate.

After you have decided you want to go forward with us, we will then start the virtual design process. We have composed the ideal virtual design process to ensure all your needs are met and you are able to envision your final space.

Laura, our interior designer, was able to answer a few questions regarding the virtual design process.

What major changes have been made on your part as the designer as the process switched from in-person to virtual? 

I have started putting concept boards together showing different design options. Clients have been enjoying this option because everything has already been narrowed down and they are able to see what works. For example, one client reviewed the concept board options and was able to say I want everything in Option A, but I want the light in Option B. This process has been working so well that I will be continuing it with my clients that I meet in person.

virtual design printout

What can clients expect during the virtual design process? Can you give us a rundown from start to finish? 

The virtual process is very similar to the in-person process. From the start, I find out what a client is looking for as far as design, products, and the overall feel of their new space. Some clients email photos over showing exactly what they are looking for, whereas other clients tell me the overall feel they are after. At that point, I work on an initial design layout and preliminary product selections. These are emailed over in a PDF format for the clients to review. I explain what is in the cabinets, where the materials are going, and so forth. If there are changes they would like to the layout, I make those and resubmit the design to them. As we narrow down product selections such as tile or cabinet colors, I can have samples sent out to them so they can see them in their own space. Some clients are comfortable without seeing samples, whereas others would like to see the samples prior to ordering. Once we have all their selections finalized, I revise the estimate and submit that to them for review.

kitchen and bath remodel hardware

How long typically does this process take? 

Each project varies regardless of whether we are meeting in person or doing a virtual consultation. Some clients have a very specific idea of what they want and make decisions quickly, whereas others need guidance when it comes to their product selections. I will say that the virtual process does take longer because you do not have the in-person experience of being able to present the clients with their options immediately. I have been putting concept ideas together for my clients and emailing them over for review. This process can take a little extra time, but it helps each client visualize their selections.

beautiful kitchen remodel

Can clients still come into the showroom to meet with you if they would like? 

Yes! Clients are absolutely welcome to visit the showroom. We do request that they schedule an appointment, however, to ensure we are following the social distancing guidelines, as well as to prepare for the appointment in advance.

What is your favorite part about the design process?

I honestly love the whole process. I enjoy meeting with the clients, hearing about what they would like their space to look like, helping their ideas come to live, and then seeing the whole process through. It is also enjoyable when a client may not realize the potential that their space has until I present them with their options. I recently had one client who wanted to keep their peninsula because they thought an island would not work in their kitchen. I presented both layouts to them and they fell in love with the island option.

If you have any questions about our virtual design process or how we are accommodating the current public health crisis, do not hesitate to give us a call during business hours at (330) 523-6919 or send us an email at for a next business day response. If you would like to stop into our showroom and explore our design and product options, please give us a call to schedule an appointment so we can meet your needs.