If you’ve ever seen someone’s kitchen floor design and been impressed, there’s a good chance a lot of thought went into it. While aesthetics and preferences are important considerations, durability, moisture retention, furniture, and lifestyle are equally relevant. We can help show you how to choose the perfect flooring design for your kitchen. Keep reading to discover the virtues of materials such as tiles, wood, stone floors and carpet. Plus, you’ll find flooring ideas and inspiration for color and overall decor so you can end up with a finished room that you’re not just happy with but love.

Why Upgrade Flooring?

If you’ve been considering starting a major refurbishment or even moving to a new home but haven’t for budgetary reasons, a new floor could be the perfect solution. Keep in mind that a super-resilient and beautiful flooring design — think marble, ceramic and porcelain — is often more expensive. Still, it’s possible to be on trend on a budget. For instance, vinyl floors with a herringbone pattern look gorgeous in real life and in photos.

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Types of Flooring

One of the first considerations when selecting materials for your new floor should be whether you want it to match the rest of the home. Consistency brings a contemporary, streamlined vibe, while mixing and matching adds an element of intrigue.

Below, we explore some different flooring ideas to choose from.

Hardwood Floor

A hardwood floor made from timber or a similar material is a popular choice for a cohesive look. You can decide between polished lacquered or rustic and natural, with varying finishes, tones and grains available.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

If you’re a savvy shopper looking for a cost-effective flooring design, luxury vinyl plank is ideal. It’s almost as water-resistant and durable as other options, and you can even have it installed so it looks like hardwood or tile-like squares with grout.


Whether you prefer porcelain tiles or ceramic, opting for a tile floor is one of the safest and longest-lasting options. While wood and vinyl offer some water resistance, tiles can withstand moisture, dents and scratches like these ultra-hard surfaces.


Although we’d never advise a fully carpeted kitchen, area rugs can be a great idea for keeping your feet warm. If you opt for a tile floor, the only real downside is that they can be cold underfoot. Adding a runner or rug can keep you comfy while you chop veggies or prepare breakfast.

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Kitchen Style

For the best look, the flooring option you choose should be in-keeping with the overall style of your kitchen and the rest of your home. For example, if you have Bohemian or country chic decor, high-gloss black ceramic floor tiles won’t be the best fit. Instead, hardwood, natural stone or hardwood-styled luxury vinyl tiles would complement your decor.

Likewise, an untreated rustic floor in an ultra-modern style kitchen won’t create a cohesive aesthetic. However, porcelain, ceramic or marble would look stunning — as would vinyl tiles designed to imitate any sleek, contemporary material of your choosing.

Dark or Light Flooring?

There are more factors involved in choosing between light and dark flooring than you might have realized. Let’s break down the main considerations:

  • How big is your kitchen? Light colors and high-gloss finishes help add space to smaller rooms.
  • How much do people walk on the floor? For areas with a lot of foot traffic, darker is usually preferable.
  • How much cleaning and maintenance are you willing to do? Keeping brilliant white floor tiles clean requires significantly more effort than a neutral color.
  • Is resale a factor for you? Consider following the latest trend if you’re looking to sell your home anytime soon.

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