If you’re looking for basement renovation ideas, you’ve come to the right place. A basement remodel can add square footage to the usable space in your property, driving the value up and extending your home. Whether you’re looking for an extra area to relax and entertain in or just a fun space for the family to retreat to, there’s an idea to suit you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a big or small space, there are basement ideas that will transform your house and improve your home life.

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1. Home Office

In recent years, the number of people living the WFH life has drastically increased. Instead of using an area that was intended for relaxing, transform the basement into an office. It’s the perfect space to escape the chaos of family life and get into that highly focused work state.

2. Playroom

Playrooms are the perfect place to contain the inevitable mess that comes with having kids. Creating a special place for the kids means you can protect your furniture and carpets from mess. Plus, basement space typically has lower ceilings and an unusual layout, making it perfect for little ones.

3. Game Room

Who says playing is just for kids? If you don’t have children, consider using a basement remodel to create a game room for you and your friends. Include a pool table, air hockey table, dart board, card table, shuffleboard or even a few arcade cabinets. Be warned, though: People will invite themselves over to hang out!

4. Home Gym

There are few more productive basement remodel ideas than the home gym. Workout equipment is more affordable than ever, and a small up-front investment could save you a fortune in gym memberships over the course of a lifetime. Fill the space with machines, and consider adding a mirrored wall for yoga, dance and, of course, those all-important workout shots for Instagram!

5. In-Law Suite

Create a designated space for the in-laws to win serious brownie points with your other half. Extra bedrooms do wonders for the value of your home, so it’s a smart way to add value while keeping the family happy. Consult with your in-laws for design ideas that suit the needs of both sides of the family.

6. Basement Bar

A home bar is a great addition to your property if you love entertaining guests — or simply have a passion for mixology. If you get the necessary plumbing, you can install a wet bar and a built-in counter for serving and host awesome parties that stay contained to the basement. Not only does this protect your valuable furniture upstairs, it means cleaning up the next day will be a cinch.

7. Home Theater

Who doesn’t want a home theater? If you watched MTV Cribs as a kid and dreamed of having a basement movie theater in your home, now’s the time to make it a reality. Add extra seating and a big screen, and invite your entire friend group round for a screening of the latest release.

8. Media Room

If you’ve got a family of tech enthusiasts, you could turn the basement into a media room, with gaming PCs, consoles, a big-screen TV and plenty of comfy seats. The cozy basement feel is ideally suited to evenings spent having fun gaming or watching TV with your loved ones.

9. Library

Basements make excellent libraries and reading spaces. Whether you’re studying, you work at a job that requires a lot of research or you just love to read, this is a great way to use a basement. Line the walls with shelves, and ensure plenty of natural light can get in to make the most of the basement space for this purpose.

10. Craft Room

If you love to craft, creating a craft room is a great way to fill basement space. You won’t even need to spend any money — simply bring all your crafting materials and a table from upstairs down to the basement, and voila! Make crafts for friends and family in your own secret space and surprise them with amazing gifts.

11. Wine Cellar

If you’re a wine collector, it goes without saying that basements are the perfect place to keep your bottles. Due to their location underground at the lowest level of the home, wine cellars are the perfect temperature for keeping red wines. Line each wall with wine racks, and consider adding fridges for the whites.


12. Toy Storage Room

If you feel like your kids’ bedroom cupboards are overflowing with toys and it’s making the home feel messy, consider creating a toy storage space in the basement. You and your kids can decide which toys stay close at hand and which can be stored and brought out for special occasions.

13. She Shed/ Craft Room

Two of the most popular basement ideas are the she shed and the man cave. You and your significant other may need to decide who gets the basement and who gets the outdoor space. If she wins, she gets to bring all her favorite stuff downstairs and use the space as a retreat.

14. Man Cave

If he wins the battle of “Who gets the basement,” he can bring his game consoles and workshop downstairs and retire down there when he needs space. If he lives in a home that’s mostly been decorated by his other half, he can have fun taking the reins and designing his dream man cave.

15. Basement Bedroom

If you want to turn your guest bedroom into a home office or kids room, the basement can be an excellent replacement. This is one of the most costly basement ideas, as you might need to invest in HVAC and structural redesign, but the finished basement bedroom will add value to your property.

16. Gallery

Art enthusiasts and collectors might consider transforming the basement into their own in-house gallery. Plain white or black walls are the best for highlighting the pictures on the wall, and special lighting helps create that art gallery aesthetic. Each year, you can rotate the pieces as your taste and collection evolve.

17. Basement Bathroom

It might require a lot of work, including plumbing and HVAC, but a basement bathroom is an excellent use of space. It allows you to convert an upstairs bathroom into an en-suite, adding an element of luxury to your home. You can make the downstairs bathroom as extravagant as you like, with a full wet room setup.

18. Kids’ Bedroom

The basement can make an excellent setting for a children’s bedroom. Low ceilings and the magical feel a basement has for a little one makes it an ideal basement conversion. Decorate the walls with characters from their favorite books and movies and create custom furniture to suit the smaller space.

20. Snug Room

A snug is great for smaller basements that aren’t well-suited to being a main living space. It can act as a cozy retreat for anyone in the family who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and relax with a book or game.

22. Main Living Space

If you have a large basement area that’s bigger than your current living room, you could convert it into your main family room. If you’ve got a big family and want to get in a huge corner couch, large-screen TV and plenty of seating and soft furnishings, this is the way to go.

23. Basement Laundry Room

One traditional way of using a small basement is converting it into a laundry room. Keep dirty washing out of sight and design a dedicated space for washing, drying and hanging clothes.

24. Use Your Unfinished Basement Space for Storage

If you opt for a full basement conversion, it might take time to get from concept to completion. In the meantime, make use of the space by keeping all your seasonal items stored downstairs.

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