2021 main image for colors of the yearBefore each new year, major paint brands announce trending colors they feel will impact design trends over the next 12 months. Announcing what’s projected to be popular colors for the coming year and the pleasing palettes that incorporate these colors is meant to help guide consumers and interior design experts alike and inspire them to branch out and try new colors.

All the major paint companies have revealed their 2021 interior paint color trends, including their 2021 colors of the year. While some companies broke with tradition and chose more than one color of the year, many went with the traditional single color. After the extended amount of time many people have spent in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 colors of the year convey a positive vibe and renewed sense of comfort for your living spaces that could be just what you need to lift your spirits.

Benjamin Moore Paint Color Trends

The Benjamin Moore color of the year for 2021 is Aegean Teal 2136, a soothing blue-green with a gray undertone that makes it an excellent choice for bedrooms, home offices and living rooms. Aegean Teal is a mid-tone said to reflect balance and natural harmony.

Aegean teal color scheme 1Andrea Magno, the director of color marketing and development at Benjamin Moore, also emphasized its uniqueness as a front door color and the beauty it would lend to millwork and kitchen cabinetry. Aegean Teal joins 11 other organic hues in Benjamin Moore’s 2021 color trends palette, which includes deep earthy tones, creamy off-whites and buttery yellows that pair beautifully with the cool undertones of the teal.

The rest of Benjamin Moore’s 2021 color palette includes Kingsport Gray, Beacon Hill Damask, Foggy Morning, Rosy Peach, Silhouette, Muslin, Gray Cashmere, Atrium White, Amazon Soil, Chestertown Buff and Potters Clay.

Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

Urbane Bronze Color Scheme 2Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams’ director of color marketing, is a color expert and has done extensive research on color and industry trends. As part of the Color Forecast Team, Wadden helped create Sherwin-Williams’ 11th official color of the year, Urbane Bronze.

Rooted in the natural world, Urbane Bronze conveys feelings of warmth, welcome, comfort and serenity. This bold yet understated color of the year offers a neutral hue with gray undertones that give it a modern twist. Urbane Bronze can be used anywhere, both inside and out, as a primary color or for a stunning accent wall. As part of Sherwin-Williams’ Sanctuary palette, it blends well with the natural tones and warm neutrals of the entire color collection, including Messenger Bag, Morris Room Grey, Pure White, Antiquarian Brown, Oakmoss, Modern Gray, Pearl Gray, Bona Fide Beige and Canyon Clay.

2021 Home Decor Color Trends in Kitchens and Baths

Urbane Bronze Aegean Teal Color Scheme 3Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal is a calm, comforting blue that makes any kitchen or bathroom feel bold and refreshing. It’s perfect for surface application on cabinets and walls or even in your pantry. This blue-green and gray blend can add a bold pop of color when paired with Salisbury Green and Sweet Spring, or it can be used by itself throughout any room to create an intensely soothing effect.

Sherwin-Williams’ Urbane Bronze is a warm, deep bronze that reflects natural earth tones and is meant to give off a relaxing and tranquil feeling. It creates a beautiful accent in any kitchen or bath when applied to cabinets or framing or as an accent wall. Urbane Bronze pairs especially well with Modern Gray or Messenger Bag green.

Despite being from two different paint companies, Aegean Teal and Urbane Bronze also pair very nicely together. Both colors of the year bring a relaxing, peaceful feel to your home and are sure to make your kitchen or bathroom feel like an oasis of serenity.

  • Create a bathroom with bold pops of color while keeping a light feel. The mixture of cool blue-green tones in Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal as the primary wall color pairs well with Sweet Spring as an accent color and Urbane Bronze cabinets with brushed nickel hardware, including a Weymouth faucet by Moen. Choose a Whitendale Cambria countertop to serve as a focal point, which also complements the rich, warm bronze cabinets.
  • Design a beautiful kitchen featuring Aegean Teal cabinets with gold hardware and an Align faucet by Moen in brushed gold. Choose Urbane Bronze as the primary color for the walls with the trim in Sweet Spring and finish it with the Bellwater countertop by Cambria. This mix of warm tones with the accent of teal cabinets creates an elegant, luxurious feel.
  • Create a stunning kitchen or bathroom design with Aegean Teal and Urbane Bronze used for the walls. Apply the teal as the primary wall color, with the bronze serving nicely as accent framing or as an accent wall. Incorporate white Fabuwood cabinets with the Glacier finish and a bright countertop with bold veining like the Annicca by Cambria. Finish the effect with beautiful oil-rubbed bronze hardware, including a Brantford faucet by Moen, to bring out hints of deep bronze in the countertop and complement the bronze paint.

Other Notable Colors of the Year

Several other major paint companies with new colors of the year in 2021 shouldn’t be overlooked.

Behr Paint Company

Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr, is dedicated to helping people find the perfect paint color and is the talent responsible for picking and naming Behr’s paint colors. Behr’s 2021 color of the year is Canyon Dusk, a dusky pink tone that’s reminiscent of pastel terracotta pots and described as earthy and harmonious. Canyon Dusk looks gorgeous on walls and cabinetry and as a warm, welcoming shade for your front door.

Canyon Dusk is part of Behr’s 2021 color trends palette, which is organized into 21 shades and six color themes that create harmony in your living spaces, even if your dining room is doubling as a home office or classroom. Other notable colors in the 2021 palette include Almond Wisp, a warm neutral shade that’s comfortable and calming, and Jojoba, a soothing, outdoorsy color that’s natural and rejuvenating.

PPG Paints

Instead of a single color, PPG announced its first-ever paint color palette of the year. Meant to be comforting, compassionate, optimistic and nostalgic, the three-color palette was also designed to be flexible, with versatile tones that are suitable as supporting or dominant colors.

  • Transcend is a cozy mid-tone described as a brown sugar beige with gingerbread undertones that pairs well with subdued greens and muted blues.
  • Big Cypress is a warm shade described as a saturated ginger orange with persimmon undertones that pairs well with mahogany or cherry woods and gold accents.
  • Misty Aqua is a muted shade described as tropical turquoise aqua with aquamarine undertones that pairs well with light creams and accents in soft neutrals.


Touted as the global authority on color, Pantone’s 2021 color choice marks the second time in 22 years the company has chosen two independent colors as its color of the year. The two contrasting shades of gray and yellow combine the deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the optimistic promise of sunny days ahead and are effectively tied together with warm undertones.

  • Ultimate Gray is a practical, neutral gray shade that’s symbolic of dependability and encourages feelings of composure and resilience.
  • Illuminating is a sunny, warm yellow shade full of vivacity and optimism that’s bright and cheerful.

Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball is an England-based paint company that chose 12 rejuvenating shades for its 2021 color trends palette. Divided into four distinct categories, its palette features rich natural colors and earthy neutrals that reflect the natural world and offer a sense of comfort and luxury.

  • Rich and Warm features chocolatey hues with strong red undertones.
  • Clean and Timeless Blues features fresh yet familiar shades of blue.
  • Natural Greens features lush, leafy colors with gray undertones.
  • Earthy Tones features aged earth tones and elegant alternatives to white.


Valspar also announced 12 colors instead of a single shade for its 2021 color of the year. Its picks included a nice blend of cozy muted shades ranging in tone from warm apricot to misty blue, meant to instill calmness and encourage mindfulness. The palette includes versatile neutrals like Maple Leaf and Soft Candlelight, warm organic shades like Cherry Taupe and Dusty Lavender and cooler timeless shades like Blissful Blue and Garden Flower.

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